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Assam Sports MCQs: Assam's contribution to the sports world is significant, be it cricket or athletes and other sports, the sportspersons of Assam have contributed to India. There are such players of Assam in the sports world, who are discussed not only in India but all over the world.

Assam Sports MCQs

Q1. What is the motto of Olympic – অলিম্পিকৰ মূলমন্ত্ৰ কি 
A. Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together✅ 
B. One World, One Dream 
C. United By Emotion 
D. Inspire A Generation 

Q2. Which was the first sports organization of Assam – অসমৰ প্ৰথম খেল সংগঠন কোনটো আছিল 
A. Assam Football Association 
B. Jorhat District Sporting Association✅ 
C. All Assam Tennis Association 
D. Assam Amateur Boxing Association 

Q3. The Abhiruchi Sports Day celebrated on – অভিৰুচি খেল দিৱস পালন কৰা হয় 
A. 3rd September ✅ 
B. 3rd July 
C. 5th May 
D. 7th September 

Q4. In which year the “National Games of India" was held in Assam – কোনটো বৰ্ষত “ভাৰতৰ ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় খেল" অসমত হৈছিল 
A. 2006 
B. 2007✅ 
C. 2013 
D. 2014 

Q5. Ankushita Boro won gold medal in boxing in which kg category at the AIBA Youth Women's World Boxing Championships – AIBA মহিলা বিশ্ব বক্সিং চেম্পিয়নশ্বিপত অংকুশিতা বড়োএ সোণৰ পদক কিমান কিলোগ্ৰাম বৰ্গত জয়লাভ কৰে 
A. 56 kg 
B. 60 kg 
C. 64 kg✅ 
D. 68 kg 

Q6. Which one is the first cricket team defeated by Assam in Ranji Trophy match – ৰঞ্জি ট্ৰফী ক্ৰিকেট খেলত অসমৰ দ্বাৰা পৰাজিত প্ৰথম টিম কোনটো 
A. Orissa✅ 
B. Mumbai 
C. Karnataka 
D. Delhi 

Q7. Against which team, Assam played their first Ranji Trophy match in the year 1949 – ১৯৪৯ চনত অসমে কাৰ টিমৰ বিৰুদ্ধে নিজৰ প্ৰথমখন ৰঞ্জি ট্ৰফী খেলিছিল 
A. Baroda XI 
B. Holkar XI✅ 
C. Bombay 
D. Mysore 

Q8. Who is the first sports ambassador of the Assam – অসমৰ প্ৰথম খেল এম্বেচেদৰ কোন হয় 
A. Ankushita Bodo 
B. Shiva Thapa 
C. Hima Das✅ 
D. Lovlina Borgohain 

Q9. Who is the first Assamese woman to win international gold medal in sports – খেলত আন্তৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় সোণ পদক পোৱা প্ৰথম অসমীয়া মহিলা কোন 
A. Hima Das 
B. Luvlina Borgohain 
C. Ankushita Bodo ✅ 
D. Mithu Baruah 

Q10. Which team won the Bordoloi Trophy for four consecutive years – কোনটো টিমে একেৰাহে চাৰিটা বৰ্ষ বৰদলৈ ট্ৰফী জিকিছে 
A. Mohun Bagan AC ✅ 
B. Assam Regimental Centre 
C. Aryan FC 
D. Assam State Electricity Board SC 

Q11. Which Team wins the Bordoloi Trophy cup 2021 – বৰদলৈ ট্ৰফী ২০২১ কোনটো দলে জিকে 
A. Oil India FC 
B. Assam State Electricity Board SC✅ 
C. Mohammedan Sporting Club 
D. Aryan FC 

Q12. In which year Bordoloi Trophy was first started – বৰদলৈ ট্ৰফী পোনপ্ৰথমে কোন বৰ্ষত আৰম্ভণি হৈছিল 
A. 1950 
B. 1952✅ 
C. 1956 
D. 1958 

Q13. Which team wins the most number of Bordoloi Trophy football tournaments – কোনটো দলে আটাইতকৈ বেছি বৰদলৈ ট্ৰফী জিকিছে 
A. Mohun Bagan AC ✅ 
B. Guwahati Town Club 
C. Assam Police AC 
D. Assam Regimental Centre 

Q14. Who is the first player from Assam to participate in Olympic Games –অলিম্পিক খেলত ভাগ লোৱা অসমৰ প্ৰথম খেলুৱৈ কোন 
A. Dipankar Bhattacharjee✅ 
B. Shiva Thapa 
C. Bhogeswar Baruah 
D. Luvlina Borgohain

Q15. In which year the Assam Football Association was established – কোনটো বৰ্ষত অসম ফুটবল এচ্ছছিয়েচন গঠন হৈছিল
A. 1946✅
B. 1947
C. 1948
D. 1950
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Disclaimer: The above information on Assam Sports is given as per the information available in Books, Google and other mediums. Contact us if there is any mistake in the question and answer.

Assam Sports Organizations

Organisation Year
Assam Hockey 1947
Assam Table Tennis Asso. 1951
Assam Volleyball Asso. 1955
Assam Weightlifting Asso. 1969
Gymnastic Association 1970
Assam Basketball Asso. 1973
Assam Kabaddi Asso. 1977
All Assam Judo Federation 1987
Assam Kho Kho Asso. 1987
Assam Archery Association 1988
Assam Cycling Association 1991
Assam Fencing Association 1997

Some of the important sports organizations of Assam and their founded years are given in the above list.

Arjuna Awardees from Assam

The players of Assam are famous not only in Assam or India but all over the world because of their unique style of sports performance. Given below is the complete list of players from Assam who have won the Arjuna Award.

Name Sport Year
Bhogeswar Baruah Athletics 1966
Monalisa Barua Mehta Table Tennis 1987
Jayanta Talukdar Archary 2006
Shiva Thapa Boxing 2016
Hima Das Athletics 2018
Luvlina Borgohain Boxing 2020
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