Brahmaputra River Tributaries - North Bank & South Bank | PDF


Brahmaputra River Tributaries: Brahmaputra is a cross-border river flowing through Tibet, China, Bangladesh and India. It is the 9th largest river in the world, and the 15th long.

Brahmaputra River Tributaries

Assam is a river state in India i.e. Assam is the a land of rivers. Assam faces floods every year due to rivers. However, here is given about tributaries and not floods. So below are some related questions and answers along with the tributaries of the Brahmaputra river. And important thing is you can also download PDF of Brahmaputra river tributaries list.

Brahmaputra River Tributaries List

North Bank/Right Bank South Bank/Left Bank
Gai Dibru
Jia Dhal Burhi Dihing
Subansiri Disang
Ranga Nadi Dikhou
Dikrong Janji
Buroi Bhogdoi
Bargang Kakadonga
Jia Bharali Dhansiri
Gabharu Daiyang
Jia Dhansiri Kalong
Barnadi Jamuna
Puthimari Kapili
Pagladia Barapani
Manas-Aie-Beki Dudhnoi
Champabati Singra
Saralbhanga Boko
Gadadhar Kulsi
Gangadhar Digaru
Sonkosh Umiam
––– Jinari
––– Jinjiram
––– Krishnai

Qs. on Brahmaputra Tributaries

✅What is the largest tributary of Brahmaputra?
Answer: Subansiri.

✅What is the largest south bank tributary of Brahmaputra?
Answer: Kapili.

✅What is the last North Bank tributary of Brahmaputra within Assam?
Answer: Sonkosh.

✅What is the last tributary of Brahmaputra?
Answer: Teesta.


✅Are the above MCQs important for any Assam competitive exams?
Answer: Yes, it is very important for any upcoming competitive exams.
Brahmaputra River Tributaries

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